Annual Vehicle Pass/Sticker (AVP)

To ensure safety by regulating the entry of vehicles at port premises in compliance with PPA Administrative Order Nos. 04-2009, 02-2011, 01-2013, and 07-2021, and the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code Description of Service.

Office/Division Classification Type of Transaction Who may avail
PPA PMO Port Police Division Finance Division - Assessment & Collection


G2B-Government to Business
G2C-Government to Citizen
Cargo Handlers, Shipping Lines/Agents, Shippers, Consignees, Truckers/Haulers/Forwarders, other Port
Ancillary Services, and Port Users Concerned


1. Sworn Certificate of Assumption of Responsibility/Sworn Certificate of Master List of Transport Units (duly Notarized)
* Pursuant to PPA MC Nos. 18-2020 and 22-2020, all PPA employees, including outsourced personnel, service providers, port users, stakeholders, and the general public shall follow minimum health and safety protocols in all PPA offices and facilities.
Client Steps Agency Action Fees to be paid Processing Time Person Responsible
1. Fill out and submit the accomplished application form with the supporting document to PPA Port Police Division or apply online via and upload the supporting document.



1. Evaluate/verify the completeness and validity of the uploaded documents from the time it was viewed/accessed by the process owner from the system. Further, verify from the database whether the applicant has a valid Permit to Operate. Issues order of payment if documents are found complete and updated. An email notification will be sent to the applicant confirming the order of payment. 
30 mins.
Port Police Officer/Authorized Representative of PPD





2. Submit the order of payment to any PPA cashier and pay the necessary fee for the vehicle pass.
* Client may opt to pay via e-payment facilities or  through banks, e-payment Confirmation Receipt or Validated Deposit Slip as proof of payment shall be forwarded to the
Collection Section via email.
2. Receive payment and issue an official receipt.
* For payments coursed via epayment facilities or through banks, proper verification prior to receipting shall be done. A scanned copy of the official receipt will then be emailed back to the client.
Collection Section will forward the original copy of the client’s Official Receipt to the Port Police to be picked up by the client later.


Cargo Vehicle/Truck: P112.00              (VAT included)
Vehicle: P84.00 (VAT included)
5 mins.
PPA Cashier/ Authorized Representative (AR)






3. Proceed to PPD and submit the proof of payment.




3. Validate the proof of payment. If found in order, the sticker will be installed/posted at the upper right-side corner of the vehicle’s windshield after the validation of the payment.
* Gives the original copy of the Official Receipt to the client.
20 mins.
Port Police Division Authorized Representative







Cargo Vehicle/Truck P112.00
NonCargo/Light Vehicle P84.00
1 day, 1 hr. and 55 mins.




Annual Vehicle Pass/Sticker (AVP)