Bunkering Services

Ensure that each bunkering activity is properly controlled, and maximum safety precautions are exercised to prevent untoward incidents.

Office/Division Classification Type of Transaction Who may avail
PPA PMO Port Service Division- Marine Section/ Finance Division- Assessment & Collection
G2B-Government to Business
Vessel Representative/Agent, Shipper, Service Operator
1. Bunkering Service Permit Form
PPA-PMO-PSD Marine Section
2. Pre-Transfer Bunkering Checklist Form
PPA-PMO-PSD Marine Section
3. PCG Bunkering Permit (if applicable)
Philippine Coast Guard
* Pursuant to PPA MC Nos. 18-2020 and 22-2020, all PPA employees, including outsourced personnel, service providers, port users, stakeholders, and the general public shall follow minimum health and safety protocols in all PPA offices and facilities.
Client Steps Agency Action Fees to be paid Processing Time Person Responsible
1. Notifies the Harbor Master/Authorized Representative in advance about the service.
1. Take note of the client’s intended activity
5 mins.
Harbor Master/Chief Safety Officer/AuthorizedRepresentative
2. Client proceeds to the PMO Marine Section for the forms that need to be accomplished.
* Client may request the PMO Marine Section to send the forms via email.
2. Provides the Bunkering Service Permit Form and the Pre-Transfer Bunkering Checklist Form
* Bunkering Service Permit Form and Pre-Transfer Bunkering-Checklist shall be sent to the client via email.
5 mins.
Harbor Master/Chief Safety Officer/Authorized
3. Client accomplishes the forms and submits them to Marine Operations Sections.
* Submission can also be done thru electronic means like email and fax messages.
3. Receives and evaluates the accomplished forms. Approves and issues Bunkering Precautions Checklist.
* Scanned copy of the approved Bunkering Permit and Bunkering Precautions Checklist including the amount to be paid shall be sent to the client via email. Marine Section to furnish Collection Section copy of the application.
10 mins.
Harbor Master/Harbor Operations Officer/Chief Safety Officer/Authorized Representative.
4. Proceed to Cashier for payment.
* Client may opt to pay via e-payment facilities or through banks, e-payment Confirmation Receipt or Validated Deposit Slip as proof of payment shall be forwarded to the Collection Section via email.
4. Cashier computes permit fee and receives payment.
* For payments coursed via epayment facilities or through banks, proper verification prior to receipting shall be done. A scanned copy of the official receipt and Bunkering Permit will then be emailed back to the client. Collection Section will forward the original copy of the client’s Official Receipt and Permit to the Port Police to be picked up by the client later on.
10 mins.
Senior Cashier/ Cashier/Collection
Representative/ Authorized Representative
5. Provides a copy of the Permit to PPA Security Personnel at the gate upon entry.
5. Checks the receipt and permit. Allows entry to the port to do service.
* Gives the original copy of the Official Receipt and Permit to the client.
2 mins.
Port Police/PPA Security Personnel
32 mins.


Vessel Entrance Formalities